Embarkation and Disembarkation Policies


The vehicle must be presented at the terminal two hours before the stipulated time of the trip in the case of the Punta Venado – Cozumel route and one hour for the Punta Sam – Isla Mujeres route.


Please confirm times in advance; since due to meteorological phenomena such as winds, sea conditions (norths and overhangs) and for the safety of passengers and merchandise, those may change without prior notice.


In accordance with the applicable maritime regulations, during the hours established for black cargo (fuel, explosive materials, gas, etc.) the crossing of passengers in family and cargo cars is restricted. Otherwise, only the Driver of the vehicle and a companion, both of legal age, may board.


The Driver must remain in his vehicle at all times that the maneuvers prior to boarding are carried out, otherwise, he may lose his place at that crossing.


We ask you to have your boarding pass at hand at all times prior to boarding, in order to facilitate and speed up the boarding process.


All passengers must comply with the instructions of the traffic personnel on land and the crew when they are on board the ship.


It is very important to verify that when parked on board, the parking brake is applied and the gear lever is in 1st or P.


During the journey, no driver and/or passenger should remain on board the vehicles. The foregoing on the understanding that they must go and remain in the passenger lounge.


Payment must be made solely and exclusively at the corresponding box in the boarding area where you are.


Pets must travel in the external areas of the boat specially designated for it, always on a leash and under the supervision of their owners at all times.


In the event of an accident with your vehicle, remain calm and follow the directions of the crew.


Accidents related to the driving of vehicles and where one or more of them are involved, will be the responsibility of the drivers themselves and the company will not be responsible.

When the Driver knows the dimensions and characteristics of his unit, he will be solely responsible for the damages that the unit may suffer at the time of boarding. Therefore, your right to refuse to board is protected in the event that there is an imminent risk to the unit.


The transportation of materials, cargo and personal belongings is subject to inspection by the National Guard, SEMAR, SEDENA and Customs Authorities.


Always demand and keep your proof of payment, since this is the document that protects your insurance coverage, both for the passenger and for your vehicle.

*In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Navigation and Maritime Commerce, the Agreements of the International Maritime Organization as well as international maritime uses and customs.